Twins Fashion International is a clothing retail company that specializes in acquiring and developing international fashion. We acquire our garments from various places such as Dubai, India, China,Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal. In these countries we work with designer and manufactories to either create our store’s custom design or source ready-made items. To keep items exclusive we tend not restock the same items from our last inventory.


     We are highly engaged and take pride in our customer experience. From the moment a customer enters our store we welcoming them making them feel comfortable to connect with our team. This creates an environment that allows our customers to feel open to constantly engage and interact with us. It is essential that we continue to provide this experience too those of you here online.

Meaning Behind The Brand

For those of you all that have been wondering what does the "Twins" in Twins Fashion mean it comes from the owner Taiwo. She was originally born with a twin who passed away during birth. With Twins Fashion she now strives to make people feel great and provide them with unique quality clothing in remembrance of possible experiences she would have had with her Twin.